About Us

Brilliant is the face of our telecommunication group of companies. These are Intercloud, NovoTel, NovoCom and NovoNIX. Pertaining to the fact that Brilliant has a diverse range of technical operation in its licensing portfolio, brilliant’s systems are extensive, redundant and multilayered licensed by the telecom regulator combining Data, Voice and Internet. NovoCom and NovoTel operate as an ITC, IIG as well as an IGW in the top layer of Bangladesh telecommunication hierarchy enabling internet, voice and data to enter the country. The middle layer consists of the national Internet exchange on Data side that enables the local providers to keep internet traffic local and ICX on Voice side to control voice traffic. The third layer in hierarchy provides last mile solutions as a licensed ISP and IPTSP.

A brief description of telecom companies in the group:


Brilliant Limited (www.brilliant.com.bd ) is a nationwide Internet Service Provider ( ISP) and IP Telephony Service Provider ( IPTSP) licensee in Bangladesh. Brilliant is a sister company of NovoCom and NovoTel Limited. Its global and cross-industry leadership in International Telecommunications for both data and voice services has over 100+ years of state of the art technological and management experience with proven-track record. Brilliant is building its network with the support from a technical team who has been experienced in building and maintaining a national and international telecom network to deliver services to the carriers and enterprises locally and internationally.

Brilliant has identified a huge gap in the supply of a comprehensive communication solution for the enterprises in Bangladesh. It has taken an initiative to redefine the business communication with complete solution for the large and medium enterprises of the country. It has brought a complete stake of products and services, which will enable the enterprises to take their business communication and collaboration in a new dimension.

Quality of service and customer care are the key for the success of other telecom business in Brilliant group. Brilliant has a state of the art 24/7 support center manned with experienced resources who have been handling international customers for last couple of years.

NovoTel Limited

NovoTel Limited (www.novotel-bd.com)  is the a leading International Voice Gateway (IGW) operator in Bangladesh. NovoTel started its operation in 2008 and since then it has been working with the international telecom carriers including Tier-1 operators from across the Globe. NovoTel has successfully been handling international incoming and outgoing voice traffic for Bangladesh over its international telecom network. NovoTel has a state of the art 24/7 NOC which is maintaining excellent service quality and uptime for its local and international interconnected telecom partners. NovoTel has developed expertise in three core areas of telecommunication such as IP Network, Transmission Network and Core Voice Switching network.

NovoCom Limited

NovoCom Limited (www.novocom-bd.com ) is another leading concern of the group which is licensed to operate as an International Terrestrial Cable ( ITC) and International  Internet Gateway (IIG) operator. The group’s experience with national and international data connectivity excelled since the introduction of NovoCom. NovoCom is now the only ITC operator in Bangladesh to establish its own protected backbone of multiple lambda from Dhaka to Benapole for international connectivity. NovoCom is currently offering internatonal data services such as  IPLC, Global MPLS, IP Transit, International Colocations services to the telecom operators, service providers and enterprises/corporates in Global  and Bangladesh market.


NOVOAIR (www.flynovoair.com ) established in 2007 with a vision of “Excellence in Aviation’’ and motto “ART of Aviation’’, which emanates from the conviction that NOVOAIR shall endeavor to provide the best of service to valued clients. We are committed to uphold On-Time Performance, Safety, Services and Comfort to our passengers. Over the time NOVOAIR has become the number one choice of air traveler in the country.

We are operating schedule flights to domestic airports namely Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Jessore, Sylhet & Saidpur with total 5 (Five) aircrafts on our fleet ATR-72-500 aircraft, which is the best of its kind considering regional routes. NOVOAIR now connected with Kolkata on international segment and soon will connect to Guwahati and other regional destinations to enlarging footprints.

NOVOAIR has a pathfinder role in the aviation landscape of Bangladesh and introducing modern travel tools, paperless ticketing and the first frequent flyer program “SMILES” among any Bangladeshi airlines in domestic routes, meaning Smile, Safe, Superb, Satisfactory & Services through “Miles’’ with the conjuncture word “SMILES”.

NOVOAIR aspires to reach the highest level of customer’s satisfaction through an uncompromising commitment to safety, reliability, efficiency and stringent adherence to regulatory compliance. We have earned customer’s preference and employee trust through leadership, commitment and service. We invest our profits in people & services to grow. Our mission is to provide safe, reliable and friendly air services in partnership with our customers, suppliers and the communities we serve. One of our goals is to set ourselves the pinnacle of standards and we deliver on our promises.

NOVOAIR is committed to uphold On-Time Performance, Superior Services, Safety and Comfort. NOVOAIR, country’s “Best Domestic Airline” adjudged by “Monitor Airline of the Year”, becomes passengers first choice for air travel.